[ubuntu-uk] Evolution and MS Exchange 2007

ian pettitt (RRes-BB) ian.pettitt at bbsrc.ac.uk
Mon Jul 27 14:30:09 BST 2009

Dear All

I have been using the MS Exchange plugin for evolution for about 6 months, since I began using Linux at work. However, since the organisation has changed to Exchange 2007, I have been unable to as it isn't supported. I understand the problem lies with the significant changes in the web access component in Exchange 2007 and I have tried to find out more info from the web, evolution mailing list, launchpad etc. 

I have tried using the webmail in Firefox which is ok, but the calendaring is quite limited (one day at a time only), and I have tried using IE in wine, the MAPI plugin for evolution etc. I don't want to sync all my information with Google, I would rather keep it in where I know where it is, so I was wondering if anyone had an tips or suggestions for getting my data from the server to my desktop/laptop!



Ian Pettitt
Broom's Barn Research

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