[ubuntu-uk] Remote start torrents

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Jul 21 15:54:47 BST 2009

javadayaz wrote:
> i know nothing about ssh'ing.  I cant do anything from work so the 
> phone is the next best thing. The app will let me start them from my 
> phone.
> ps i have a router in between my modem so maybe thats why i couldnt 
> get it to work last time.
What sort of connection do you have?  ADSL?  Cable?

If it's cable then the modem should be automatically giving the internet 
side IP address to the router so you'd only have to setup port 
forwarding on the router itself.

However if you have an ADSL Modem/Router connected to another router 
then you'd either need to forward the ports from the ADSL Modem/Router 
to the IP address of the router, and then also forward the ports in the 
router to the machine which is running transmission.

Hope this makes sense.  If you can confirm the model of router (and 
modem if you're on ADSL) and what type of connection you have then with 
any luck we'll be able to give you advice on how to set it up.


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