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Chris Weaver chris at resonancefm.com
Mon Jul 20 10:14:49 BST 2009

Thanks for the links. I'll download the torrent and have a watch. I think
the real issue is the numerous audio "frameworks" on Linux such as ALSA,
OSS, Pulseaudio etc etc each with their own advantages and disadvantages,
hence making tweaking a system problematic.

- chris

2009/7/17 Alan Pope <alan at popey.com>

> 2009/7/17 Chris Weaver <chris at resonancefm.com>:
> > Wow that sounds incredibly opportune! I'm down in London sadly but would
> > certainly appreciate a video link.
> >
> A while ago Tony Whitmore made some screencasts showing how we edit
> and mix the audio for the podcast using free software on Ubuntu. It
> shows how we get from audio recorded in Tonys lounge to a fully edited
> and mixed podcast. If you ever wondered how we do it, this shows it.
> Probably best to watch the editing series first then the mixing one to
> get them chronologically right, but of course you can pick and choose
> which ones to watch yourself.
> There are 21 videos in total, 8 on editing and 13 on mixing. They're
> in freedom loving Ogg Vorbis/Theora format. Some are recorded at quite
> a high resolution due to Tony showing lots of stuff on screen at once.
> I've uploaded them to blip.tv and have made a torrent file (because
> all-told they weigh in at 1.2GB).
> Here's the link to the torrent file:-
> http://popey.com/~alan/screencasts.5008235.TPB.torrent<http://popey.com/%7Ealan/screencasts.5008235.TPB.torrent>
> Simply stuff that into your torrent client of choice and start downloading.
> This is the first time I've created a torrent file myself, so
> apologies if it's not exactly as you expect.
> If you want to save them directly via http rather than use bittorrent
> then grab this file which has all the URLs to the videos in it.
> http://popey.com/~alan/screencast_urls<http://popey.com/%7Ealan/screencast_urls>
> Hope that helps.
> Cheers,
> Al.
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