[ubuntu-uk] How to update Xubuntu 7.04.

Tony Harrison tony at mitsy.co.uk
Sun Jul 19 11:39:37 BST 2009

That worked! The OS has installed  to the hard drive, but it will only
boot with the usb stick plugged in. Without it grub fails saying 'Error
2'. Also, once logged in, the home directory does not decrypt. It says
keyctl_search: Required key not available

Sorry to be such a pain.

Alan Pope wrote:
> 2009/7/19 Tony Harrison <tony at mitsy.co.uk>:
>> I have followed that up to the modprobe bit. It says 'FATAL: Module pata_cs5535.ko not found.'. The command issued was /sbin/modprobe pata_cs5535.ko. The .ko file is in /lib/modules/2v6v28-11-generic
>> Cannot work out from google what I am doing wrong there.
> Try insmod and specify the full path to the module?
> Cheers,
> Al.
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