[ubuntu-uk] Linux in an Audio Environment

Lucy lucybridges at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 16:18:18 BST 2009

2009/7/17 Chris Weaver <chris at resonancefm.com>:
> Prompted by a comment by Rob Beard, I'd be interested to see if anyone is
> running Ubuntu in a audio environment (work, hobbyist or whatever) and more
> specific peoples experiences with it.
> - Chris

I don't suppose you live near Manchester at all?

Dan Lynch, a podcaster, producer and musician is doing a talk at
Manchester Free Software called 'Professional Audio Production with
Free Software'. It's next Tuesday, 21st July and the full details are
on the website at:


Dan is promising to give a live demo of audio editing under Linux!
I'll post a link to the video when it's available in case you can't
make it (remind me in a week or so if I forget).

I've heard that it's not easy and Audacity is known for crashing.
However, it's not really a field I know anything about..

Best wishes


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