[ubuntu-uk] Localisation was Archos 10 Netbook

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
Fri Jul 17 11:57:46 BST 2009

Ah, cheers Al.  Didn't think it would be that easy - nice!


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2009/7/17 Ian Pascoe <softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com>:
> If Mark was to sally forth to the land of the French and bought this item,
> apart from the keyboard, which might be en Francais, to change the
> localisation would you have to do a fresh install?

Depends if the language packages for -en had been removed (probably
have). You might need to logon once and re-install them (they get
removed by the installer, or if they were clever and used the OEM
installer, they might actually already be there.

> Secondly, on the same machine, not necessarily this one, can each unique
> user on a system have their own localisation?  This is not as silly as it
> might at first seem - if you're partner is from a non English speaking
> country, wouldn't they feel more comfortable with a desktop in their own
> language?

The logon screen (gdm) has a language option, so each user can logon
in their own locale.


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