[ubuntu-uk] Localisation was Archos 10 Netbook

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
Fri Jul 17 11:21:24 BST 2009

A couple of thoughts that I'd be interested in peoples comments on.

If Mark was to sally forth to the land of the French and bought this item,
apart from the keyboard, which might be en Francais, to change the
localisation would you have to do a fresh install?

Secondly, on the same machine, not necessarily this one, can each unique
user on a system have their own localisation?  This is not as silly as it
might at first seem - if you're partner is from a non English speaking
country, wouldn't they feel more comfortable with a desktop in their own


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I see that the Archos 10 netbook is now available in the UK, unfortunately
won't be the 10 SKU version which comes with Ubuntu 9.04. Suppose I could
always pop over to France and buy it.

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