[ubuntu-uk] Where Ubuntu falls short

Daniel Drummond dmdrummondx at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 04:45:36 BST 2009

William Anderson wrote:
> Steve wrote:
>> [snip]
>> Just wait. October will be even more fun as people try to upgrade from  
>> vista to 7.  I've already told a few it's going to cost them more than the  
>> usual couple of pints to sort the mess out.
> From what I've heard, upgrading from Vista to 7 RC is pretty straight
> forward ...
> -n
Yeah, but there is no upgrade path for the E edition:

 From Amazon

"Since only the full product is available, please note that when you 
install the E edition of Windows 7, you'll need to do a custom (clean) 
installation. That means you'll need to back up all of your files and 
settings, install the operating system, then re-install your files, 
settings and programs. Be sure to check out Amazon’s great selection of 
storage devices in our electronics store that will assist you in this 
process. "

Doesn't sound like an easy upgrade path. Don't you just love that sudo 
update-manager -d is so simple??


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