[ubuntu-uk] Audio filenames I can't find so as to alter

Rowan Berkeley rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 16 06:19:08 BST 2009

I can change the names of the audio files on my external hard drive,
just as I can change the names of files on my computer's internal hard
drive, and I can change the contents of the tags of these audio files,
but there is a list of filenames I cannot find, so I cannot change
anything in it. This list is not solely in the library made by the music
player, so I cannot blame the music player for it. The list I cannot
change is accessed as follows:

(1) Open file browser and navigate to audio file concerned;
(2) Click the 'Properties' tab for that file;
(3) Click the sub-tab 'Audio' on the 'Properties' tab.

If I access the same audio file using EasyTag, I can verify that both
the file title and the tags are correctly recorded; i.e., the erroneous
filename I wish to change does not appear anywhere in the EasyTag
display for the file. So where is it coming from? 

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