[ubuntu-uk] Help needed with ssh

Darren.Mansell at opengi.co.uk Darren.Mansell at opengi.co.uk
Wed Jul 15 11:10:48 BST 2009

> Hi Darren,
> Well see I didnt know that, and I am so glad that you have explained
> This is something that I came across last night, whilst trying to
> a file from my Dektop to my website using shell commands, or at least
> trying to. Something that I found out after a while was that you need
> Terminal open for the Desktop and one for the Remote server. I just
> could not get my Terminal to recognise that there was a file on my
> desktp that needed to be transfered, kept saying no file found. This
> something that is really frustrating me that I couldnt get that to
> which was why I asked about pc to pc help.
> I am sorry about all the questions, I think I already frightened
> somebody off, which I am really sorry about if I have. :(
> John

Not sure what you mean about needing a terminal open for your desktop
and one for the remote server. Unless I'm misunderstanding, you don't
need to.

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