[ubuntu-uk] Help needed with ssh

Alan Lord (News) alanslists at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 10:41:48 BST 2009

On 15/07/09 09:57, John Matthews wrote:
> Hi thank you for your message, well that sort of defeats the object for
> me really as I want to learn the commands. Its kind of frustrating that
> there isnt something available for beginners to read for ssh. I know
> people have given me some urls but they are quite intense and expect
> people to already have some knowledge of what they are talking about, so
> its very hard making my way through them.

You don't want to know about ssh then.

ssh is just the mechanism to connect to another machine over a secure 
link. Once you nave connected to your machine using something like:

ssh myname at remote_machine.com

then what you need to know is about the *Linux Command Line* sometimes 
called a *shell*.

Here are some useful links.






There's a few to be getting on with... (All I did was put "Ubuntu 
Command Line" into Google).

There is also a nice e-book available called the Ubuntu Pocket Reference 
Guide, free in digital form for download from here: 

The Linux Documentation Project has a host of useful information: 
http://tldp.org/ including such gems as:

Bash Guide For Beginners: 

(Bash is the name of the default shell, or CLI used in most Linux distros)

Introduction to Linux: http://tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/index.html

GNU/Linux Command Line Tools Summary: 

There really is a great deal of information out there. And there are 
*lots and lots* of commands. Anytime you need to know *how* to do a 
particular task or job, do ask. That is what these lists are for. 
Sometimes it can be hard to find the right command when you don't know 
what it is called.

But trying to do some kind of guide or lesson is going to be hard 
because there are loads of commands. Which ones whould we do and which 
should we pass-over?

I gave you a start on my previous post, and hopefully these links will 
help you get more familiar.

But don't be put off because it is unfamiliar or seemingly difficult. 
Once you get the hang of it you will never look back!



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