[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu UK Daily quiz suggestion

David Jones djones.dancol at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 14 08:48:46 BST 2009

Is anybody interested in getting a rolling quiz set up using funtrivia.com?

The website says this about the quiz's they offer:-

"Welcome to FunTrivia.com, the world's largest and oldest trivia 
website, running as an online community since 1994!

To say that we have a lot of trivia would be an understatement. 
FunTrivia has over 1,000,000 trivia questions in 10,000 categories, 
created by over 30,000 different visitors to this site, from over 100 
countries around the world. Over 1.6 million registered members and 
6,000,000 guests have played a quiz. If you're looking for trivia or 
quizzes, you've come to the right place!

We are a thriving community, where players from around the world compete 
as individuals and in teams.

Membership to FunTrivia is free, and as a member you may play and create 
as many games as you wish in any of our categories. Whether you want to 
challenge yourself, learn about new topics, or let your creativity loose 
by creating quizzes for anyone in the world to play, you will find 
something to entertain you.

The most popular board game ever created and the most popular television 
gameshow ever created were based on trivia -- and it's no surprise why! 
Trivia entertains, challenges, and enlightens all at the same time. We 
hope you enjoy your stay at FunTrivia!"

It can be set up to have questions in the following categories.

General knowledge
Science & technology

Each category is split into easy/medium/hard

Or a general mixed bag of questions selected from the above categories

When I've used it in the past, the quiz gives 10 questions with 4 
multiple choice answers, it can be set to give different questions to 
each person from the relevant category so that people can't register 
more than once to get the questions and then use a 2nd account to get 
10/10 each time.

You get points based on the number right and how long it takes to do the 

The quiz changes every 24 hours, you can select any of the categories 
for each day.

Scores are kept on a weekly basis.

You have to register a username & password to enable the website to keep 

Any thoughts as to whether it would be a good idea to set up?

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