[ubuntu-uk] Connecting to a network

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Mon Jul 13 23:25:14 BST 2009

I eventually got it to work by changing the sharing settings on the Asus 
Eee PC, to not require a password, then it worked. (I had set up a 
username of user on the Ubuntu PC, as that is the name used on the Asus, 
with the same password, although I do not know why it did not work.)

Thanks for all the suggestions, I will have to look at NFS and SSH - I 
have heard of these but never learnt them. Sometimes I find it easier 
just to do things the old way I am used to, i.e. the Windows way. I am 
not a fan of Windows nor Microsoft, but using it for so long makes some 
Linux things still seem too alien.

I will have to get my best Dalek onto it!

David King

William Anderson wrote:
> Paul Roach wrote:
>> To be honest, the quickest way to access networked data between linux
>> boxes is to ensure ssh is enabled, and to open nautilus - in the
>> [snip]
> but at least with smb/cifs, you're not encrypting/decrypting your
> traffic as you would with ssh/sftp, so if you're confident your
> underlying network is secure, you get increased throughput.
> -n

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