[ubuntu-uk] OT: OOo bashing was Word 2002 under Wine?

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sat Jul 11 16:51:06 BST 2009

Rob Beard wrote:
> [snip]
> I just got the general impression that you were saying that Macs were 
> the the be all and end all, guess I read it wrong.  You're lucky not to 
> have used Me, I had the annoying task of supporting it once, wasn't fun 
> at all :-(

Apologies if that's the way I come across.  I'm a big proponent of
Ubuntu on both the server and "desktop" (an increasingly meaningless
term in the face of fast rising laptop dominance and increasing numbers
of netbooks appearing), but I caught the Mac bug again big style a
couple of years ago and have found it hard to shake.

You'll note I'm using Thunderbird to send mail (talking to a
postfix/dovecot backend here at home), and I use Firefox and lots of
other FLOSS apps on my Mac too ... macports is an especially useful
piece of software since I don't have good old dpkg/apt on OS X :)

> [snip] 
>> 2008 is about a gig here.  I agree that for something you'd use to
>> create a spreadsheet or type up a letter, that's insane.  For reference,
>> iWork '09 is 650 meg.
> Makes me wonder exactly what Microsoft have put in there.  Maybe I'm 
> just a bit cynical, I remember when Word came on a couple of floppies 
> and did just as good a job.

Probably magic UI stuff (newer versions of office on windows have that
"awesome" ribbon thing, for example), templates galore, common library
components, et cetera, et cetera ...


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