[ubuntu-uk] Printer problems

Wulfy wulfmann at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jul 11 01:19:12 BST 2009

danattwood wrote:
> Wulfy wrote:
>> One of the thing I tried was to install the PPD file. It complained
>> that the driver was needed.  I even tried to compile the source (not 
>> something I usually get into) but that kept failing, too...  :@(
>> I think perhaps that if I installed the 32-bit version I could use it. I 
>> don't really want to do that, though...
> If the printer is usb then why not try installing virtualbox and this 
> will then let you install a 32bit ubuntu guest and pass the printer 
> through to it. This would at least let you test it before deciding if 
> you want to reinstall your whole system.
> Dan
I tried to do that but with a 32-bit WinXP guest.  The problem is that 
VirtualBox wouldn't pass the USB through, even though I'd downloaded the 
version that's supposed to do that.



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