[ubuntu-uk] OT: OOo bashing was Word 2002 under Wine?

John Matthews jakewc2 at sky.com
Fri Jul 10 14:21:14 BST 2009

Rob Beard wrote:
> Sean Miller wrote:
>> I concur... Openoffice is bloatware of the highest order.
>> If I could be bothered to get an older version of Office working on
>> wine I would - but I don't use office suites enough to do so.
>> It's a shame, really, that Sun decided to go down the bloated route,
>> because the early versions of Openoffice were really quite pleasant to
>> use; I dread to click on a ".doc" attachment in an e-mail because I
>> know the machine will whirr and click for ages before I actually get
>> to see it.
>> Sean
> I'd have to disagree on this one.  I've just opened a spreadsheet (one 
> of my invoices) in OpenOffice.  I'm running my notebook in low power 
> mode (1GHz) to save battery and it took 5 seconds from a cold start.  
> I'd hardly say that is ages.  There are tweaks that you can do to 
> OpenOffice to speed it up such as altering the memory usage [1].
> Now compare that to Office 2007 on one of my clients notebooks running 
> Vista, it takes a good 30 or so seconds to start up.
> Not to mention, when did this become an OpenOffice bashing Mac loving 
> mailing list?
> I have got a Mac myself (albeit older iMac G3) and I have used Macs for 
> many years (going back to the old 68k Macs on System 6) but I find 
> sometimes doing things on a Mac can be just as annoying as doing stuff 
> on Windows (or in some cases as doing things on Linux).  I guess really 
> it's what you're used to.  For instance I'm used to a lot of keyboard 
> shortcuts and generally the shortcuts are the same on Windows and Ubuntu 
> (for most applications), now going to a Mac I find that rather than 
> using CTRL I have to use the Option key.  Not a big thing really but I 
> do find it annoying sometimes.  I dare say it can be annoying for a Mac 
> user to go to a Windows or Linux box and find that some things aren't 
> Mac like.
> With regards too William's comment about OpenOffice not being a native 
> app.  As far as I'm aware OpenOffice 3.1 IS a native app for OS X on 
> Intel CPUs, and there is also NeoOffice (which IIRC is a native build of 
> OpenOffice on both OS X Intel and OS X PPC).
> With regards to MS Office 2008 being prettier than OpenOffice, remember 
> this, the cheapest version of Office 2008 is the Home & Student version 
> which is about £70 (doing a quick google check), and how much is 
> OpenOffice? - FREE!
> There is nothing stopping anyone picking up the code for OpenOffice and 
> contributing to make it look better and work better and it's not as if 
> you get it shoved down your throat like you do with Office 2007 on a new 
> machine (I've lost count of the amount of Windows PCs I've seen with 
> Office 2007 trial preinstalled which can only be used about 20 times 
> before it disables itself and turns into a bloated Office viewer).
> Don't get me started on the install sizes [2] (about 1.7GB for a full 
> install of Office 2007 and about 400MB for OpenOffice.org)
> Now I'll be the first to admit that OpenOffice isn't perfect but it is 
> enough for most people and works pretty well (apart from a couple of 
> niggly bugs, but you can report bugs and track them online) and compared 
> to the cost of Office 2007, you won't see me switching in a hurry.
> I'll reply to the original question in another e-mail.
> Rob
> [1] 
> http://www.zolved.com/synapse/view_content/28209/How_to_make_OpenOffice_run_faster_in_Ubuntu
> [2] 
> http://www.oooninja.com/2008/05/openofficeorg-microsoft-office-moores.html
I havent had any problem with OO specially in Ubuntu, it seems to work 
much better. There is a no frills version of OO somewhere, it is really 
good too. You have to delete OO from your system to install it. I havent 
seen it for a while, so I cant remember what the url is, but it is out 


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