[ubuntu-uk] lexmark z2420

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Fri Jul 10 07:40:06 BST 2009

This is a long shot... have Googled but can't find anything of use...

Bought a Lexmark z2420 wi-fi printer a couple of days ago, which works
great on Windows but I can't find any sign of drivers for Linux.

Now I am assuming that I am unlikely to be able to get the thing to
work directly from Ubuntu (ie. via wireless at so
instead decided to set it up using Samba, bouncing the prints from
Linux to the Vista machine and then through the wireless to the
printer.  This end-to-end connectivity seems to work okay as the
printer flashes as if it is going to print but, presumably because I
have the wrong driver on Ubuntu, doesn't.

Has anybody any knowledge of this printer?  In terms of drivers is it,
perhaps, compatible with one of the Lexmark drivers that come with
Ubuntu (and if so what one?) or are there any generic drivers that are
worth trying?

Also, I assume I am correct in that I will need to use the Vista
machine as a "middleman"?


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