[ubuntu-uk] Upgrading to FF3.5 in Ubuntu

Daniel Drummond dmdrummondx at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 06:24:43 BST 2009

John Matthews wrote:
> Hi, thank you for the information.
> I was just wondering, how do I get it to work, and become my default 
> browser so that I dont have both, and I dont loose my profile info?
> John.

Not sure if this is the best way to do it, but it accomplished it for me.

open a terminal and type the following commands

cd /usr/bin
ls -l firefox

you should see that the firefox file is a link to firefox-3.0

then type

sudo rm firefox
sudo ln -s firefox-3.5 firefox

That will update it so that menu entries will run firefox 3.5 and it 
should run by default.  However if there are any extensions you rely on, 
until they have been updated to work with firefox3.5 you won't be able 
to use them. 

As I said earlier my bookmarks followed me, so I'm not sure why yours 

I did some checking, and this worked on my machine.

Quit all firefox's before starting.
In your home directory there is a folder called .mozilla  (In the file 
manager this can be shown by pressing Ctrl-H).  In this directory there 
should be a "firefox" and "firefox-3.5" directory.  Rename "firefox-3.5" 
to "firefox-3.5.old", and make a copy of the "firefox" directory, and 
rename the copy to "firefox-3.5".

In commands:

cd ~/.mozilla
mv firefox-3.5 firefox-3.5.old
cp -r firefox firefox-3.5

Then run Firefox, and hopefully all should be well, with all your 
bookmarks intact.


ps.  Do you not sleep?  I'm currently in Canada visiting my parents 
which is why I'm up at this ungodly hour

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