[ubuntu-uk] Upgrading to FF3.5 in Ubuntu

Daniel Drummond dmdrummondx at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 03:02:00 BST 2009

John Matthews wrote:
> Well, it might be because I am just not used to Ubuntu enough or understand it enough, but I am thinking along the the same lines as Windows, when you update FF it automatically updates to the next Version, and keeps your profile. I tried on my netbook, and it didnt update to 3.5, it installed a separate version, and didnt include my profile and the addons box would not show the addons, it said could not load addons. That was recommended or installed addons. So, I now have two versions of FF on my netbook, and I dont want that on my netbook or laptop. How come it doesnt update to 3.5, but keeps it as a separate version?
> If I uninstall 3.0.11, I will loose my profile on there, how do I keep the profile and transfer. It seems a bit confusing to me. Sorry. 
> John.

I don't think Firefox 3.5 is meant to replace Firefox 3 in Jaunty.  Last 
time I checked Firefox 3.5 in Jaunty was also a beta.
I am running Karmic and I have installed 3.5 from the repositories, 
alongside 3 as you said, but I have left 3 on there, and just changed 
the /usr/bin/firefox symlink to point to /usr/bin/firefox-3.5.  The menu 
button then runs Firefox 3.5 when you click on it. 

Add-ons may need re-releasing by the original authors to be compatible 
with 3.5.  As with any new firefox release it takes a little while for 
the add-on authors to get them sorted.

I'm not sure what you mean by profile.  I presume you mean Bookmarks, 
History and Saved Passwords.  Mine just followed me over.


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