[ubuntu-uk] Evolution's compulsory GPG routine

Rowan Berkeley rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 9 21:43:59 BST 2009

I said earlier: "I have gone and deleted the Evo applet from the Gnome
panel, and so I am not getting new email notifications (except for a
momentary balloon). I would like to put the applet back, but it isn't
listed in 'add/remove from panel.' Can anyone tell me how?" I have now
realised that what I had gone and deleted was the entire Window List,
not just the specific applet showing that Evo was running and whether it
had any new mail in its inbox, so I've fixed that.

Vinu, you said: "Somewhere in the repositories is a package that will
unlock your default keyring on login and lock it again when you log out.
I've been using it for quite a while, now." Please try to identify this
and tell us what it is (as well as telling me how you disabled GPG in
the Evo Preferences).

One final question: suppose you have a solid black background on your
desktop, and solid black panels too. Icons will still be visible because
they are now black but coloured, but how can you change the colour of
words that appear in the panel, from black-on-black which is invisible,
to white? I know it can be done, because I somehow managed it on the
Linux Certified machine.  


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