[ubuntu-uk] Word 2002 under Wine?

James Milligan lake54 at lake54.com
Thu Jul 9 18:55:53 BST 2009

Paul Webster wrote:
> Hi
> Can I expect Word 2002 to run under Wine (on Jaunty)?
> I tried to install it, but came to a standstill during the 
> installation, as the Word installer demanded a restart I couldn't provide.
> Paul W.

Hi Paul,

I'm assuming you've already checked out the winehq appdb, but here's the 
link anyway: 

It says that the installer was not tested, which is perhaps a bit odd 
but the distro was Gentoo, and the last test date for Ubuntu is 
mid-2006, on 6.06, but it does say that it installs and runs (the test 
for that is here: 

The results given were:

*What works*
Installtion The Programm

*What does not*
Verrrry slow

*What was not tested*
Nearly erverything....

*Additional Comments


So again it says it installs but wasn't tested thoroughly.

What restart was it asking for?


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