[ubuntu-uk] Evolution's compulsory GPG routine

Rowan Berkeley rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 9 10:57:30 BST 2009

Hello everybody. I'm now using my new Linux Emporium Thinkpad, and very
nice it is too -- it accepts Ubuntu updates, without immediately
disabling itself the way the Linux Certified machine used to do.
However, my usual problems with default Ubuntu clients have returned,
especially the compulsory GPG routine in Evolution -- in fact, it's
worse now, because I already created a keyring and code blocks for the
Linux Certified machine, and I do not know whether these are retained at
some database somewhere out there (apart from on that now dead machine,
which I have returned to the suppliers). I simply do not want or need
GPG anyway -- is there no way I can stop Evolution from demanding I run
it every time, or must I keep pressing 'deny' ad infinitum?

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