[ubuntu-uk] Windows 7 same as Ubuntu........

John jakewc2 at sky.com
Tue Jul 7 15:09:24 BST 2009

What is Moblin, I have an Acer One with Ubuntu 9.04 on it, what does it 
do? Does it run off the netbook or what?


Dale Clarke wrote:
> My two lads use only one thing outside of web browser and that is 
> games and that's changing as they prefer Eve rather than paying 
> through the nose for buggy software.
> I personally, am a Google fan so do everything via that with only my 
> Story 'Writers cafe' software separately. when that appears online I 
> will change. I have an Acer One and just put Moblin onto it and what a 
> little distribution that is going to be.
> Dale
> On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 9:41 AM, Rob Beard <rob at esdelle.co.uk 
> <mailto:rob at esdelle.co.uk>> wrote:
>     John wrote:
>     > Has anybody seen this, and does anybody have Windows 7 to compare.
>     >
>     > I find this quite interesting though.
>     >
>     > http://education.zdnet.com/?p=2770&tag=nl.e550
>     <http://education.zdnet.com/?p=2770&tag=nl.e550>
>     >
>     > John
>     >
>     I did have Windows 7 installed, in fact I'll be sticking it on the
>     wife's PC this week too.  I'd agree with some of the article, I mean a
>     lot of things teenagers do now are web based - Facebook, Youtube,
>     Gmail,
>     Hotmail, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo, hey even MSN is now web based.
>     Whenever my step kids (who are all in their teens) use the PC they
>     fire
>     up a browser, they never bother looking at any of other applications
>     (never mind if they're on a Windows or Ubuntu based PC).
>     Of course this wouldn't apply to everyone, some people still do need
>     Windows apps or some do use Linux apps, but for the basic user who
>     just
>     wants to keep in touch with their friends then usually they just
>     need a
>     browser (hey my step kids have even happily used the browser on
>     the Wii).
>     Rob
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