[ubuntu-uk] Can't move panels, oh, and why does Firefox crash so much?

Stephen O'Neill squid at thefloatingfrog.co.uk
Mon Jul 6 07:43:52 BST 2009

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On 04/07/09 10:40, Paul Webster wrote:
> Also, does anyone else find that Firefox 3 0 11 freezes rather often? It
> is then hard to shut down, despite using the Force Quit button. It seems
> to quit, but when I try to restart it, it claims to be still running and
> a restart of the computer is said to be the solution. In fact it can be
> forced to shut down in System Monitor.

I have had the freezing problem - and narrowed it down to being caused
by pages using flash. The problem was there when I upgraded to 9.04, but
seems to have gone away since I started using Kubuntu. the workaround
for me was to never close a tab that had flash content in it if I didn't
want Firefox to hang.

I was always suspicious that it was a sound related problem as I could
not get sound in flash (that broke for me in 8.10), but that seems to
have magically fixed itself and perhaps due to my using Kubuntu.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to dig into it more than that though.

As for the 'hard to shut down' problem, when I experience that symptom I
find that after a few minutes the Firefox process does quit. In my case
it's because Firefox has eaten up a lot of RAM/Swap so I think that it
(or the kernel) is freeing up that memory before the Firefox process
actually exits. This is quite hard disk intensive so my hard drive
indicator flashes continuously whilst this happens. Sometimes I get
bored and 'kill' it.

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