[ubuntu-uk] virtualBox

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Sat Jul 4 21:11:40 BST 2009

Download the latest version from 

The latest version is 3.0.0, which I only just discovered when checking 
the download page. I was using 2.2.4, which was good.

Do not use the Ubuntu repository version, as it does not have support 
for USB.

I think that for me VirtualBox is a vital piece of software, and running 
other OSes in virtual machines is great, good for learning other 
systems, and for running Windows programs that will not run in 
Wine/CrossOver (like Sony Vegas). It also allows you to have multiple 
copies of the same virtual OS. You can install an OS, then clone it, and 
thus have a backup of that OS, or you might want to do different things 
with the OS but not all in the same machine as that might cause 
conflicts. For example, installing too many programs in Windows was 
always a problem in the past (before I migrated to Linux), but having 
separate Windows virtual machines means each one can be dedicated to a 
specific task. And I have noticed that the virtual Windows XP loads much 
quicker than a normal install of it.

I have also noticed that when I used Ubuntu 8.04 things were a bit 
slower and using more memory, but with Ubuntu 9.04 they load quicker, 
including the virtual machines, and it uses less RAM in use.

David King

Norman Silverstone wrote:
> I am seriously considering installing VirtualBox and would welcome some
> advice on which version to go for. I shall be running Ubuntu 9.04 and
> would like to be able to use USB.
> Thanks in advance
> Norman

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