[ubuntu-uk] G1 phone plans - WAS: Re: Webcam as a security camera

Colin Murphy Colin at spudulike.me.uk
Sat Jul 4 16:42:54 BST 2009

On Thursday 02 July 2009 21:32:35 Michael G Fletcher wrote:
> Just ran beebplayer on my HTC-Magic and the live radio worked :-) Yay

An update arrived and live radio is working for me too now.  I wonder if 
the 'get_iplayer' scripts can be made to work under Android - that would be 
the best way to get to the archived stuff.  Does Android support Flash yet?  
I think the video needs this.  Not too much a problem for me as I'd be quite 
happy with just the audio.

> hmmm, at the moment I just plug in the USB cable and mount the SD
> card.  If you want to access the root file system i think you need to
> root the phone...
I am very tempted to take the time to root my G1, maybe even run Debian arm, 
unless there is a Ubuntu equivalent, he says, desperately trying to claw the 
thread back on topic.

Colin at Spudulike.me.uk
Gotta go, things to be, people to do, and stuff to, err, stuff.

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