[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu mp3 players, again

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Wed Jul 1 16:56:41 BST 2009

2009/7/1 Rowan <rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com>:
> Sorry - for 'Internet Explorer' read 'Windows Explorer,' which is the
> file browser in Windows. I forgot to mention that all these music
> players 'populate' their 'libraries' from the tags rather than the
> titles on the audio files, which is why one needs a re-tagger and a lot
> of patience. The players create new folders for any discrepantly tagged
> files, and dump untagged files into 'unknown' folders or leave them
> loose, even if on your file browser they appear coherently organised
> into albums etcetera.

Which is arguably the right way to do things. It shouldn't matter what
the filename is, what's important is the metadata. For example it's
impossible to represent the artist, song, compilation name (if
applicable), genre, year of release, rating etc in a sensible way in
the filename, that's what the ID3 tag is for.

Personally I use Banshee, which has a great tagging system. For tracks
which are part of the same album it's possible to select multiple
tracks, enter the Album name once (and other details such as genre)
and have that data replicated to all selected tracks.

By default however Banshee saves the metadata to its own database,
however there is a simple preference setting which can be set to force
it to save meta data to the mp3 files themselves.

Works a treat.


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