[ubuntu-uk] run application in a terminal

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Wed Jul 1 14:39:54 BST 2009

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> It is *really* bad practice to run anything as root unless you really 
> need to (especially when the app isn't even open source).
> I am interested as to why you want to run it as root?
> If it is for your flatbed scanner and you need root access to the 
> scanner then the scanner is probably configured wrongly. You, as a 
> normal user, should be able to "touch" your scanner without being root.

I am not anxious to run my scanner as root but I needed to carry out a
test. VueScan does not see my scanner, a Mustek 1248UB and, in a
response to an email, VueScan said that they did not support Mustek
scanners. Then, I received another response from VueScan suggesting I
had a USB problem and that I should run VueScan as root. I did and,
needless to say, the scanner was still not found. So, as far as I am
concerned, unless some other useful idea comes forward, the subject is


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