[ubuntu-uk] Listing applications and utilities installed post-installation

Tony Travis a.travis at abdn.ac.uk
Wed Jul 1 11:31:54 BST 2009

Tony Travis wrote:
> Gordon wrote:
>> Ubuntu 9.04
>> Is there a way of producing a list of all applications and utilities
>> installed by me post-installation from the Ubuntu CD?
> Hello, Gordon.
> I've got a script that compares the packages installed on two different
> machines, or between one machine and a list of packages. I create the
> [...]

Hello, Gordon.

Sorry, I just noticed that the script I posted has comments and usage 
info relating to an older script I wrote called "dpkg-diff", which 
compares the output of "dpkg -l" more like Alan suggested. This level of 
detail is less useful in most circumstances, because you normally want 
to know what packages are installed regardless of their version. There 
are, of course, circumstances where you do want to compare versions and 
that's why I wrote "dpkg-diff".

Attached is a corrected version of my "dpkg-dsel" script, and my older 
"dpkg-diff" script that it is based on.


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