[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu mp3 players, again

Rowan rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 1 05:41:23 BST 2009

Dear all: is anyone aware of an MP3 player for Ubuntu which will play 
MP3 audio files directly from Ubuntu's own files, without the necessity 
of compiling its own library first? Since Ubuntu's own files and folders 
catalogs are self-updating, as are those of Windows Explorer, this would 
save the need to update the audio player's own library (as is well known 
this is tedious with either Rhythmbox or Banshee). To illustrate what I 
mean, I can cite the relationship between Winamp and Windows, which is 
so harmonious that after installing Winamp on a Windows machine, you do 
not need to compile an audio library within Winamp to use it to listen 
to your audio files: if you open Windows Explorer's folders for your 
audio files,  and right-click on a selected album or track, you will see 
'play in Winamp' among the options in the drop-down list,  and it will  
e.g. play an entire album if you selected  the sub-folder for that 
album, even when Winamp's own library has not been populated at all.

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