[ubuntu-uk] OT: Firefox Officeanados

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Jan 30 20:59:07 GMT 2009

On 30/01/2009 20:32, Ian Pascoe wrote:
> Gents
> Slightly off topic.
> On my PC I use Firefox  when both in Ubuntu and Windows.  Is it possible to
> utilise a FAT partition to act as a common storage place for bookmarks
> between the two variants of FF?  And really pushing the boat out,also the
> browsing history which I know is managed by SQLite, but perhaps SQLite could
> be fooled in using this partition too?
> Know this is not truely a Ubuntu question, but wondered if anyone had the in
> depth knowledge to answer.
> Ian
Not tried it myself but I would presume that at least on Linux you could 
create a symbolic link in the Firefox settings directory (sorry can't 
remember what it is at the moment) to the bookmarks.html file on 
Windows, but then you may have to tweak the registry possibly to tell 
Firefox to find the profile in another location (I did have a quick look 
in the Registry on my machine but I can't an obvious setting).


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