[ubuntu-uk] Im buying a new phone!! How compatible are android and Ubuntu?

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Mon Jan 26 23:17:52 GMT 2009

>> Hi,
>> Its that time of the year again where i get a new phone. Im thinking
>> of going with the andorid. How compatible are the two systems, since
>> they are both open source?
> If you get a T-Mobile gphone, be prepared to be disappointed. The 
> Bluetooth API doesn't work which makes things more difficult than they 
> should be; the phone can be mounted via usb, but integrating the data 
> isn't the simplest thing.
> Frankly, if I was getting a new phone, I'd go the apple route. Android/ 
> t-mobile has been a real letdown.
On the other hand,  people talk about how wonderful the iPhone is, but 
it's pretty damn expensive, and how well does it sync to Ubuntu?
I understand that it only works with iTunes and not with any open source 
music managers. Is this correct?
And it doesn't do cut 'n' paste? Come on Apple it's been around since th 

As to the G1, I've had one for a month and think it's bloomin' 
marverlous, it's a breath of fresh air after a couple of WinMobile 
phones (which weren't too bad with hindsight) and a few top end Nokias, 
which have been a real disappointment in many areas. Symbian has gone 
way down in my opinion...

The G1 has tonnes of great apps easily downloadable via Android Market 
(I mean really - a digital spirit level... how cool is that?), 
over-the-air syncing to google contacts, google calender, google mail. 
The K9 email app is great for non-google email accounts, and a really 
nice REAL keyboard, none of this touch screen typing cr at p.

As for syncing the contacts, it should be pretty simple to write a 
script that logs into your google account, exports the contacts and then 
imports it to Thunderbird/Evolution.

Yes, it's true Bluetooth is a disappointment, it was cut to make the 
launch date, and my biggest annoyance bluetooth tethering to my laptop 
doesn't work (though there is USB based http-proxy availble), but both 
are being worked on. The battery life has also been critised, but really 
if you have wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS, cell location, and 3G connectivity 
all turned on, and for the first week or two you're constantly playing 
with the thing, it's a wonder the battery lasts the time it does. There 
is very usefull Battery Manager app, that extends battery life no end. 
With things turned down/off, you can get 4-5 days out of a full charge, 
but as it charges from a mini USB plug, it's pretty easy to keep it 

The "Cupcake" release mentioned in another email is a new version of the 
Android OS, due out very soon, which should have these things and a 
whole host of new functionality.


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