[ubuntu-uk] Sharing PGP Keys

Graham Binns graham at grahambinns.com
Wed Jan 21 10:28:11 GMT 2009

On 21/01/09 10:24, Ciaran Mooney wrote:
>> Both computers are laptops, but I am the sole user for both. One is my
>> personal laptop, the other is for work.
> If you hand the laptop back at any point then I would, scrub the hard
> drive thoroughly. But as long as you trust both computers then it
> should be fine. PGP is all about trust.

The other option is to have one GPG keypair but keep it on an encrypted
USB key or something similar. That way you can mount the key when you
start using the laptop and unmount it when you're done and you don't
need to worry about leaving your keys lying around. You can symlink
~/.gpg to the directory on the key where your keypair is stored.

Of course, if you lose the key or it gets stolen you'll still need to
revoke the keypair, but it it's encrypted at least you're protected from
casual snooping.

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