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I attempted to sign up to Worc's LUG about three or four months ago, when their web site was up and running. I never received a reply, other than the server generated stuff, and have never seen any list activity from it.

There are active LUG's within Worcestershire (Malvern) and close by (Gloucester) if you are at the right end of the county or are prepared to travel a bit. Both appear to be very welcoming although I have yet to find the time to attend any of the gatherings.

It would be nice to see a county level LUG become active in Worcestershire if someone has the time to commit to it. I'm just not sure that with my current work commitments that I could do it justice, although the will is there so would be prepared to have a go at resurrecting it if there is enough interest from users in that area.



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Reading all this talk about LUGs makes me want to get involved in my own
one (Worcestershire). However clicking on the link on http://lug.org.uk
just redirects me to the lug.org.uk main page. Anyone else getting this
problem or know anything about WorcsLUG?

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