[ubuntu-uk] Hampshire

piskie ubuntu at talktalk.net
Fri Jan 16 11:34:55 GMT 2009

Cool - anyway maybe see you next time in Soton then :)

Alan Pope wrote:
> 2009/1/16 piskie <ubuntu at talktalk.net>:
>> heh - I own neither myself - and as I said "I hasten to add a long time
>> ago" - a long time before I'd looked at Ubuntu, it was very cliquey and
>> 'if you've not compiled it yourself - we're not interested' - so as a
>> result neither was I.
> That still goes on with some people unfortunately. HantsLUG is a nice
> place though. We have people of all ages and backgrounds. We even have
> new people just turn up out of the blue to see if they can get help
> with their computer, or just to say "hi" and find out what's going on.
>> I certainly don't feel the same way now and have been happily using
>> buntu and various other distros for a couple of years and while I've not
>> been very present on the mailing list - I am on the forums and IRC.
> Excellent. Good to know people are out there, wherever they find their home.
> Cheers,
> Al.

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