[ubuntu-uk] Sad but true? From the Register

Johnathon Tinsley kirrus at kirrus.co.uk
Thu Jan 15 20:52:51 GMT 2009

Simon Wears wrote:
> When I first switched to Ubuntu around 18 months ago, I thought it was 
> so much easier to use that Windows. From using Windows from 6 years old 
> (back on Win95) until I was 16, then switching to Ubuntu, I was 
> incredibly impressed with how easy it was to use everything, considering 
> all I had to go was click 'Internet' then 'Web Browser', and 'Office' 
> then 'Word Processor'. 
> That makes me think that, unless there was some 'technical' reason as to 
> why she couldn't connect to the internet, like as said, a USB modem, she 
> clearly didn't read anything on the menus. The thing that took me a 
> while to get used to was applications menu being at the top of the screen.
> I think it would be good to promote free / open source software or Linux 
> / Ubuntu more, so people are more aware of the differences, and how 
> Linux works, and mostly how it isn't Windows! I've had a few friends 
> consider switching to Ubuntu (mostly from being impressed by Compiz) and 
> get intreseted in having free software, but the main problem they have 
> is the lack of support avaliable to hand. They arn't fans of using 
> forums, (and some of them don't even get what it is!) and I've moved 
> away for university, so if something went wrong they'd be stuck.

This is where I get sneaky.. I put OpenVPN on their systems, connecting 
in to my personal server on the internet. As their OpenVPN connects OUT, 
it by-passes their firewall. I then add openssh-server. If you're 
paranoid, you can restrict it to listen on just the VPN interface.

As long as their computer is on, and connected to the internet, you can 
access it remotely to support them :-)


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