[ubuntu-uk] Chkdsk for NTFS partition

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 00:44:25 GMT 2009

2009/1/15 David King <linuxman at avoura.com>:
> Actually the max partition size for FAT32 is around 2 TB, which is a lot
> more than your 160 GB.
> However, if you were using Windows, its partition formatter does not
> allow you to format FAT32 partitions that big, probably because MS want
> everyone to use NTFS (especially in the days when Linux could not access
> NTFS).

Correct. XP will refuse to format a volume of >32GB as FAT32. However,
it will happily mount and use such a volume, right up to the limit of
2G. This is also the single-partition size limit of NTFS in current
versions of Windows.

> I would agree with the others and format the new drive as ext3. You also
> get file permissions, etc., with ext3 which do not exist on NTFS or
> FAT32 partitions.

Agreed - *if* you only want to use it with Linux machines. Nothing
much else will read ext3. Everything modern will read and write FAT32
- Windows 9x, NT, Linux, xBSD, Mac OS X, whatever. NTFS is strictly
only supported on the NT family (NT, W2K, XP, Vista etc.) but Linux
can also mount it RW given the right software. Macs currently can only
mount NTFS R/O, but R/W support is coming through MacFUSE.

FAT32 is the lowest common denominator. NTFS works with Windows NT+
and Linux. Anything else is pretty much limited to its native OS for

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