[ubuntu-uk] Discounted IT Products

Rowan rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 28 14:08:10 GMT 2009

"Hi All. SJ Computers is offering the next £5000 worth of sales at trade 
price, that’s right we don’t make a penny! If you require any IT 
products, whether it be: Laptops, Netbooks, Desktops, Networking 
Hardware, iPods, Software, PC Components, Internal/External Hard Drives, 
etc. just drop me an email (james at sj-computers.com 
<mailto:james at sj-computers.com>) and I will happily help you out (and 
save you some cash!) We are currently designing a range of Ubuntu based 
desktops systems, any advice on Ubuntu specific components would be much 
appreciated. Regards, James, SJ Computers"

- James, it's a pity you're in Coventry, since I imagine that the 
services you offer include the sort of simple reconfiguring of a new 
ubuntu-based machine that I have been asking for on here recently.

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