[ubuntu-uk] Router reccomendations

mike daniels mikezz1011 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 28 11:52:16 GMT 2009

Regret I cant support Linksys, mine failed twice after power surges on a protected mains feed, loosing all of the settings, I gave up in the end. However the "free" pcmcia wireless card provided with the modem/router works ok with any notebook! 
A modem/router should not be more than £40-00, at that price, one should expect 4 RJ45 ports and also high-speed wireless, my replacement modem/router will run 4 cabled and 2 wireless computers with no annoying speed reductions. Sorry I cant say what make it is, was provided pre-configured by my ISP, but has been online 24/7 for over 2 years without failure, which is what one should expect. If brand name is needed, I can try to find it,. 

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I'll second Linksys, I've got an old Wireless-B machine and it's
served me well
for many years.

Gav Ford
gav at revford.co.uk 
I think we need to:  Reverse the polarity of the radio field

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