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2009/2/27 John Levin <john at technolalia.org>

> Hi all,
> I've been having terrible router problems; one is near death, and a
> back-up I had lying around (SafeCom Swart2) appears to be shoddy, not
> saving settings etc.
> So it's time to buy a new, reliable router. Can anyone reccommend a
> decent, reliable wireless router?
> John
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> John Levin
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Hi there,  When I am working at a colleague's house, I use my laptop and her
wireless connection- it was BT and the connection was unreliable for her
desk-top and I could not get a connection at all. I now have a new lap-top
and coincidentally she has switched to Tiscali and they sent her a new
router or is it a modem? You would think all would be well? All was well for
a few months and now once again her connection is on and off although it
says there is excellent strength, and I never get a connection- Any ideas?


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