[ubuntu-uk] Router reccomendations

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Fri Feb 27 21:27:17 GMT 2009

> As an addendum, I've solved some of the problems with the Safecom 
> Swart2: many parts (not all) the admin interface requires internet 
> explorer!  There are still many other things wrong with it that ie 
> doesn't 'fix', so steer clear of safecom.

If you have a SWART2, I can recommend the RouterTech.Org website.
The took the open source code to the TI chipset used in the router and 
re-wrote it (several times), the end result is much more stable and 
fully feature router... that bringing it back on tpoic runs Linux... :)

Just read the instructions first, and have all the recovery tools 
downloaded - just in case...

That said I've been through several versions and not had any trouble...
Good piece of kit...


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