[ubuntu-uk] UK government backs open source

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk
Thu Feb 26 21:20:29 GMT 2009

Quoting Pete Stean <peteste at googlemail.com>:

> Those of you who have met me on this list know what I do for a living,
> so one must be careful what one says, but just bear in mind that a)
> many people who should be well-briefed are not (for example, I didn't
> know about this week's visit and given where I sit I should have known
> - unless of course discussion of opensource just popped up, which
> frankly happens at these kinds of events) and b) lots of people with
> 'purchasing power' so to speak can only handle what they are familiar
> with, and are frankly scared and confused by the new and the
> unfamiliar. You must also appreciate given the size and complexity of
> some Government systems (but by no means all) the cost of implementing
> an opensource solution to replace an existing system would be
> prohibitively expensive, at least in the short term, and thats just
> the cost of implementation, never mind what might happen if an
> existing Contract was broken, and Government's not about spending big
> bucks on the back-office right now, for obvious reasons.

I'm following this thread with interest as this appears to be  
developing into how Open Source Software can be used for Shared  
Services within Government.

Having just finished developing a site for a company who provide  
Consultancy on Shared Services and are pro open-source for their own  
systems, I'm very interested to see if Open-Source will feature in  
some of their seminars.

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace
matthew at truthisfreedom.org.uk

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