[ubuntu-uk] Non default driver

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Feb 25 16:08:43 GMT 2009

On 25/02/2009 15:19, Jon Reynolds wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to add something to this, although not entirely relevant to Rowan's case, but it reminds me of a lot of people thinking when it comes to adopting Linux.
> I have tried, half-heartedly, to get family members to switch to Ubuntu, or even just try it out for a while, thinking once they've used it for a while they will convert. My father, for example, seems genuinely keen to give it a go; he isn't a 'why would I want anything but windows' person, he is quite open minded to the open source community, but as a basic user has a bit of fear of the unknown.
> His reason for not trying is support. Now for most of us that's not an issue... we have a problem, we go on the web and find a solution. He is not like that, not capable of that and not inclined to want to do that. How he works at the moment and how he wants to continue to work, is that if something goes wrong with the computer, if he can't solve it over the phone with me, he just drops it into his local computer shop and says 'fix it'.
> I am not sure on the capabilities of the local computer shop, but assuming they are Windows people, then he is right in as far as what does a new linux user do when things go wrong? I think this puts off a lot of people even trying.. because of the 'what if something goes wrong'.
> Perhaps most local computer shops are full of linux buffs anyway and they would be happier to fix his pc if it was linux rather than windows...?
> Jon Reynolds
I think it certainly helps if you're near to a local LUG, but I guess 
for some new users they might not know where to look to find a LUG (or 
even what a LUG is).  I can't speak for general computer magazines (I 
only get Retro Gamer and Linux Format) but I certainly do like the idea 
that Linux Format does (or at least did, IIRC how it's changed) have a 
directory of LUGs across the country, or at least details of how to find 
a local LUG for support.

I found when I seriously started using Linux (rather than dual booting 
and poking around with RedHat) that my local LUG was a great source for 
help with members willing to help out either via e-mail or in person (be 
it popping over to my place or meeting at a LUG meet).  With regards to 
my own local LUG (Devon & Cornwall LUG), I can't help think we could do 
with a bit more promotion to the masses.  Luckily I think we're slowly 
getting the word out a bit better especially now we have more venues.


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