[ubuntu-uk] A quick warning if you're trying out Windows 7

Ian Betteridge ian at ianbetteridge.co.uk
Wed Feb 25 09:49:26 GMT 2009

I wiped my tiny remaining Windows partition last night to replace it with
the beta of Windows 7 (it's only taken me a month to get around to having a
play). It's nice, but nothing that exciting - just basically Windows Vista
done better.

But, if you're installing and also have Ubuntu installed, there's a couple
of gotchas you might want to note.

First, it merrily wipes your master boot record, which means you'll need to
reinstall GRUB to get access to your Ubuntu install. This can be done from
the LiveCD (google "reinstalling grub ubuntu" to find out the full details.)

Second, EXT2 IFS, the Windows programme which lets you read and write to an
ext3 partition under Windows, does work under Vista as long as you install
it with Vista Compatibility mode on (Right click on the installer, select
properties, Compatibility tab, and choose Windows Vista). However, it's
unlikely to work with a partition made using the Intrepid CD - I can't
remember the exact details as to why, but basically you're out of luck.

Anyway, hope that helps someone!
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