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2009/2/20 Paul Sutton <zleap at zleap.net>:
> this was posted to the OU linux conference
> http://www.notebooks.com/2009/01/07/new-generation-of-netbooks-199-and-299-eight-hour-battery-sexy-design/
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For my money, they're too big.

If I was toting an A5 subnotebook around, I'd rather it have some
genuine CPU power (which not only means CPU speed, it means an FPU,
SIMD instructions and so on) and binary compatibility with mass-market

But they're missing several tricks.

Sony's new Vaio P Atom-powered subnotebook shows a better form factor:

The keyboard needs to be wide to be usable. Front-to-back depth is
relatively unimportant, a waste of space. Look at all the blank fascia
on either side of the trackpad - that's wastage. So, give it a
Trackpoint (a "nipple" or Centrally-Located Input Tool) and/or a
touchscreen, make the screen wide in letterbox-format and keep the
size, thickness and weight down.

The Vaoi P is £800, though.

The form-factor the ARM netbooks should be aiming for is that of the
Psion 5 and 5mx, or a host of broadly-similar Windows-CE powered
Handheld PCs, such as the HP Jornada 720, the LG Phenom, the NEC
MobilePro and so on. Pocketable computer power.

The Intel Atom owns the subnotebook space and the VIA Nano is coming
up close behind. Both trounce ARM on processor power.

So ARM should be going for a narrower niche - the pocketable,
cold-running computer, not an underpowered miniature notebook.

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