[ubuntu-uk] MBR

Keith keith at grumpyface.me.uk
Fri Feb 20 14:24:31 GMT 2009

Some of you may remember that I wrote the following a couple of weeks 
ago and I received several helpful replies:-

"The machine I am writing this on has been playing up for a long, long 
time and each time I switch on I wait in trepidation to see whether or 
not it will actually boot up.  Usually it does but I have to accept that 
it is coming to the end of its life.  I have a Windows XP machine, which 
I've never actually opened up.  I propose to remove the master drive 
from the Linux machine on which Ubuntu is installed and insert it into 
the Windows one.  It will then become the slave drive.  What I would 
like to know is how to create a new MBR on the Windows machine as I 
shall wish it to boot up into Ubuntu for 95% of the time."

As it turned out it was all academic because the drive in the ailing 
machine was an IDE drive and the newer machine had SATA connections so I 
ended up partitioning and installing Ubuntu onto the single, 320Gb, 
drive which seems big enough.

As it happens I had lying about in the attic an old USB caddie so I 
inserted the Ubuntu disc into it and connected it to a Vista laptop 
which boots from USB and switched on.  Lo and behold I was presented 
with the Grub menu and was able to boot up into Ubuntu.

The reason for this now lengthy missive, for which I apologise, is to 
ask the experts who may read it whether it is safe to run Ubuntu in this 
fashion, or am I in danger of corrupting data on either the Ubuntu or 
the Vista hard drive.

Many thanks for your patience in reading so far and I look forward to 
receiving any reply.



Keith Bowerman,
Prestwood, south Staffordshire, England.

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