[ubuntu-uk] Time for a new graphics card?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Feb 20 10:03:51 GMT 2009

On 19/02/2009 15:26, Paul Sutton wrote:
> I have a geforce 4, I can run compiz but loose the text on the menus in
> open office,  so turning off compiz I have a really nice, and fairly
> smooth system,
> I think i need a new card at somepoint though.
> Paul
I found that on my recent laptop with Intel integrated graphics the 
Compiz effects still don't run that well, in the end I'm not fussed 
about eye candy and simply turn it off.  I'm too busy to worry about 
wobbly windows ;-)

Dianne, do you know if your video card is AGP, PCI or PCI-Express?

My old desktop had an ATI Radeon 9250 in it and it ran perfectly with 
Compiz.  That was an AGP card and I dare say you'd be able to get one 
off eBay for less than a tenner, plus it uses open source drivers.


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