[ubuntu-uk] Hooking up a machine running Ubuntu to a Mark 1, BT HomeHub

Rowan rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 19 18:15:16 GMT 2009

Good man, Paul - there is indeed a "/" key with "|" as its upper case. I 
hadn't realised they were the same. However, in this terminal anyway, 
the command only works WITHOUT the "|", and it yields

dmesg [-c][-n level][-s bufsize]

WITH the "|" character inserted, it yields no response at all, it just 
posts another input prompt, like what you see when you first open the 

Paul Sutton wrote:
>>> There is no | key on the Linux machine (there is one on this Sony 
>>> Windows machine)
> is there a key with the | symbol on but split in 2,  as in 2 shorter
> lines above each other but still vertical.  on my keyboard (genius) its
> on the same key as \
> Paul

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