[ubuntu-uk] HELP-How to formatting my notebook and install Ubuntu

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Feb 19 12:52:55 GMT 2009

Michael Holloway wrote:
> Hi Ruzzuwan
> * Before you start, make sure you have backed up any data you wish to
> keep. If you are removing your old OS, then EVERYTHING on the hard drive
> will be erased! If you are keeping it, then your data should be safe,
> however its always a good idea to be sure :)
> The easiest way to install is to use the Graphic installation tool on
> the CD. Have a look a this link and it shows you all the steps to this
> process.
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall. 
> The one section I would like to point out is step 5. If you are going to
> delete your old OS, then select "Erase Entire Disc" and it will do the
> rest for you. If you wish to keep you current OS, select "Resize".
> You will not need any additional drivers (or the driver disc supplied
> with your notebook). Ubuntu will detect your hardware and install it
> automatically. There is a small chance that a particular piece of
> hardware wont "just work", but I suggest you try, and come back here if
> you need any further help.
> Have fun!

It might be worth adding, if you haven't already created a set of 
restore discs for your existing operating system, it is a good idea to 
do this also before attempting to install Ubuntu.  Then if you ever did 
want to go back to your previous OS (presumably Vista) you will have the 
option without having to contact HP for a set of restore discs.


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