[ubuntu-uk] Hooking up a machine running Ubuntu to a Mark 1, BT HomeHub

Tony Travis a.travis at abdn.ac.uk
Thu Feb 19 09:42:59 GMT 2009

Rowan wrote:
> well - thank you for all your advice, gentlemen. I shall get back to you
> as soon as I have digested and applied the apprpriate sections of this:
> https://help.ubuntu.com/
> I realise that it would be impractical to provide a printed user manual
> when Ubuntu is constantly evolving,  but the principle "RTFM" should
> still apply, and all new purchasers or users should be directed
> immediately to that site, if they do not know of it, as I did not.
> [...]

Hello, Rowan.

I'm a bit late joining this conversation, but I just want to let you 
know that I have a 'white' BT Home Hub and I can confirm that the 
default network settings on the 'live' Ubuntu booted from the CD work 
fine with the default DHCP settings of the BT Home Hub. You could try 
booting from the Ubuntu 'live' CD (i.e. the desktop install CD) and see 
if the problems you've experienced happen with a 'live' Ubuntu session.

My BT Home Hub has worked perfectly most of the time. However, BT do 
periodically update the firmware remotely. If you interrupt this update 
your Home Hub can be left in an indeterminate state and has to be set 
back to the factory defaults. This happened to me when, late one night, 
my router stopped working because BT were doing an update but I did NOT 
realise what the 'all lights flashing' status meant and switched my Home 
Hub off in the middle of a firmware update resulting in a VSF Home Hub!

Other than that incident, from which I recovered by resetting the 
factory defaults, I've not had any problem with my Home Hub and I've 
connected all sorts to it without touching the configuration myself.


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